Residential Security Tips: Most Targeted Items During a Home Invasion

Residential Security Tips: Most Targeted Items During a Home Invasion, Toccoa, Georgia

A home invasion can cost thousands of dollars and turn your haven into an unsettling environment. Luckily, the experts from Absolute Security in Toccoa, GA, specialize in residential security solutions designed to keep your home as safe and comfortable as possible.

However, they want customers to know that in many home invasions, burglars go after the same type of items. Here, Absolute Security has compiled a few facts about these coveted objects, as well as some tips on how to protect your valuables. 

What Are the Most Targeted Items During a Home Invasion? 

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Every crook has different motives and tastes, but some items are consistently stolen more than others. Burglars seek items that will make them money, so they’ll likely pass on old technology and go for cutting-edge items—like expensive televisions, laptops, or new home theater systems. Also, almost all thieves will ransack your bedroom for cash, firearms, and jewelry. There are quite a few things in the garage that are attractive to burglars as well, such as golf equipment, power tools, and recreational gear.

How Can I Protect Such Items?

Residential security professionals suggest hiding your valuable electronics or storing them in a high-quality safe. You should also keep your firearms, cash, and jewelry in the safe to prevent crooks from grabbing these treasures.

It’s crucial to install a residential security system with cameras—especially if you spend a lot of time away from home. Security cameras can be a great help in apprehending home invasion suspects and monitoring your home in general. If you live in an older house, Absolute Security recommends updating your garage door and opener for secure access control.

If you’re looking for residential security solutions, the professionals from Absolute Security are happy to help you find what works best. Call them today at (706) 886-9754, or visit them online for a closer look at their home monitoring equipment. 

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