4 Ways to Prevent Pets From Triggering Security Systems

4 Ways to Prevent Pets From Triggering Security Systems, Toccoa, Georgia

Many pet owners have considered installing a security system but are unsure whether it’s worth it. Pets can cause false alarms, but security specialists will work with you to mitigate this issue and promote safety for the entire family. Here are four tips for using a security system without pet interruptions.

Prevent Pet-Related Security False Alarms With This Advice

1. Choose Pet-Safe Sensors

Thanks to advanced technology, there are motion sensors that won’t trigger an alarm when a pet trips them. These unique devices detect weight, allowing you to program them to ignore your favorite critters.

Additionally, passive infrared motion detectors sense heat, allowing them to distinguish the differences between a small dog, cat, big dog, and human. These options will only alert if a human passes through their detection zone.

2. Get Comfortable With Their Movements

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Most pets follow similar routines every day. They likely eat and go to the bathroom around a specific schedule and even pace around your home in the same pattern. A security team can use this information to set up motion detectors in areas that won’t be interrupted by these routines, preventing false alarms.

3. Change the Arming Mode

Every security system features various arming modes or ways to set the alarm system. You can change the sensitivities to limit pet-related false alarms. To do so, consider disarming motion detectors when you’re at home while keeping the window and door sensors armed. Rearm everything before going to bed as long as your pet follows a similar sleep schedule.

4. Consider Height

Most potential burglars will be taller than your pets. Consider installing motion detectors a few inches taller than your furry pals. This way, unwanted human visitors will trip the alarm, but the animals won’t.

If you’re looking to install a security system, contact Absolute Security in Stephens County, GA, to discuss installation options. The team has over 35 years of experience working with families to ensure every door and window is safe while also offering medical alerts and fire detection systems. Call the Toccoa-area company at (706) 886-9754 for information on their burglar alarms, glass-break detectors, sirens, and motion sensors.

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