Common Ways Burglars Break In

Each year, thousands of homes are burglarized. While there’s no way to guarantee your house won’t be targeted, there are ways to protect it, decreasing the intruder’s chances of successfully entering. To improve your security, review the guide below.

  1. Front Door

Many don’t realize that one of the easiest and most popular ways burglars enter houses is through the front door. Robbers are interested in getting in and out as fast as possible, and the front door isn’t only the easiest method, but it’s also the least suspicious.

To reduce risk, trim shrubs, or bushes surrounding your entryway to make your door visible to neighbors and avoid giving an intruder a place to hide. Also, keep your doors locked while you’re sleeping or away from home, and avoid leaving a hidden key, as burglars are experienced in finding them.

Burglars Break In

  1. Windows

Windows are easy targets for burglars, especially those hidden by trees or heavy shrubbery. In some cases, an intruder may break a window to gain access, but in many others, the windows are left unlocked, giving them easy access.

Keep your windows locked any time they’re not open, and place a security bar in the window track. Also, consider forming a neighborhood watch group where neighbors will notify you of suspicious activity, such as the sound of glass breaking.

  1. Secondary Doors

Secondary doors, such as a garage door, side door, or back door, are all easy targets for home invaders. Sliding doors can be pried open using pry bars, while traditional man-doors can be accessed through lock picking techniques or with a hidden key.

Like your front door, keep these entrances locked and consider additional forms of security, such as a slide lock that can’t be picked or solid-core doors with upgraded locks.



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  • I didn’t know that garage doors were so vulnerable to break-ins. That must be how all of our stuff got stolen last week. I’ll have to make sure we have a security systems installed with alarms.

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