Where Should I Put Security Cameras in My Business?

Where Should I Put Security Cameras in My Business?, Toccoa, Georgia

As a business owner, you likely take pride in protecting your place of work. However, your eyes can’t be everywhere at the same time—especially if you’re working hard behind the counter or from an office in the back. If you’re looking to expand your surveillance without running around yourself, consider installing Security Cameras in the following hot spots.

3 Essential Places for Security Cameras at a Business

1. Points of Sale

If you run a grocery store, a boutique, or any business that requires a physical point of sale, it’s crucial to install security cameras around your cashiers or self-checkout portals. This is where many instances of theft will occur—from sneaking a pack of gum into a pocket to fake scanning something at the register. To ensure you get a clear picture of each customer’s face, don’t position the camera more than seven feet high.

2. Secluded Areas

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If a customer or patron decides to grab a freebie before they head to the point of sale, they’ll probably look for a quiet place devoid of wandering eyes. Therefore, don’t forget to install security cameras in the nooks and crannies of your store—behind commercial refrigerators, at aisle end-caps, and between bookcases. Criminals may also use these hidden spots to leave items that they will have a friend pick up later on, throwing suspicious store owners off their trail.

3. Exits

Finally, it’s imperative to have security cameras capturing your last opportunity for a view of potential criminals. Since they will most likely flee the premises when they’re done, set up security cameras at all exits of your business, including windows. This will allow you a record of everyone who has left the store and when, so you can narrow down the suspects based on what they were wearing and when they took off. If you’re interested in installing a network of security cameras around your business, get in touch with Absolute Security of Toccoa, GA. They are proud to offer enterprises throughout Northeast Georgia and Western South Carolina top-of-the-line security systems, including LCD keypads, glass-break detectors, and high-quality cameras. To learn more about how they can safeguard your enterprise, visit the website or call (706) 886-9754.

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