Clever Ways to Disguise Your Residential Security Camera

Clever Ways to Disguise Your Residential Security Camera , Toccoa, Georgia

From spying on burglars to detecting uninvited guests, a residential security camera offers invaluable protection for your home. However, to maximize security, you need to ensure the guilty party can’t locate and cover up the camera before it does its job. Fortunately, today’s security cameras are more inconspicuous than ever. Absolute Security in Toccoa, GA, stocks a wide range of cutting-edge cameras to protect your property. If you’re wondering where to hide your device, these experts offer the following inventive ideas.

3 Ways to Hide Your Residential Security Cameras

1. Slip Them in Household Items

From curtain rods to hollow books, security cameras can fit in a broad range of common household objects. If you want your cameras to remain discreet, consider placing them in tissue boxes, fake plants, or decorative items. To ensure you’ve chosen a good spot, take some test footage to see what your camera can catch.

2. Make Them One With the Wall

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A light switch plate is a great place to install your security camera. You may also want to consider a similarly colored wall space that will act as camouflage for your device. This is a particularly reliable option for those with children who might run off with a camera in a fake plant or tissue box.

3. Place Them Inside

To catch criminals and monitor your home in general, you want to place your cameras in areas where intruders are most likely to break in. The vast majority of criminals enter through the first floor, so it’s wise to survey your front, back, and side doors, as well as any accessible windows. To keep your cameras hidden, position them inside your windows looking out. Also, place them at an angle that would be difficult to notice from outside. 

 For a large selection of high-tech residential security cameras you can easily conceal, look no further than Absolute Security. To learn more about the range of security equipment they offer, call (706) 886-9754 or check out the website.

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