Top 5 Reasons to Have a Home Security System

Top 5 Reasons to Have a Home Security System, Toccoa, Georgia

A home security system is an effective defense against a wide variety of issues. Investing in quality security equipment can make the difference in the safety of your family and property. If you’re considering adding on to your property, Absolute Security in Toccoa, GA, wants you to be aware of the many benefits you will reap.

Benefits of a Home Security System

1. Intruder Protection

The number one reason to have a security system is to protect your family and valuables from intruders and theft. Whether you are home or away on vacation, your house and its contents will have round-the-clock safeguarding. Intruders are also less likely to attempt a break-in if they know the property has surveillance and alarms in place.

2. Remote Monitoring

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You don’t have to be home to know your property is safe. Security systems allow for 24-hour remote monitoring, both by you and by trained security personnel who will receive alerts and notify authorities if something happens. Homeowners can also download apps on smartphones and tablets to keep an eye on their property and arm and disarm alarms no matter where they are.

3. Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Many home security systems also have heat detectors and provide warning signals for smoke and carbon monoxide. Besides alerting occupants of the danger, these systems can also contact the authorities and get the proper personnel to your home in time. Regular smoke and carbon monoxide alarms do not have this feature.

4. Medical Emergencies

Some security companies offer the option to add medical alerts to your system. This extra feature allows anyone in distress to press a button and get help as soon as possible. A service such as this is perfect for anyone with elderly relatives who may be home alone.

5. Homeowners Insurance

Some homeowners insurance policies offer discounts on coverage if you have a security system. These policies offer plans for fire, floods, theft, and other troubles. If you add an extra layer of protection to your property, the insurance company may reward you with money off your policy.

Serving northeast Georgia and western South Carolina, Absolute Security provides security systems for residents and businesses, including 24-hour monitoring, video surveillance, and medical alert options. Their 35 years of experience and quality security equipment give their customers reassurance their property and loved ones are safe. To learn more about their installation services, visit their website or call (706) 886-9754.

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  • My cousin has been thinking about getting a security system for her home because she would really like to have some better protection. She would really like to get a system from a professional in order to be more effective. It was interesting to learn about how she can get a medical alert installed when the grandparents come to leave with her.

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