Holiday Security Tips
3 Holiday Security Tips to Protect Your Business

Closing shop to relax and spend time with friends and family is a regular holiday tradition for business owners. It’s also a popular time for burglars, which is why it’s important to take proper security measures to keep your property … Read More

Reasons to have an intercom
3 Benefits of a Home Intercom System

Tech innovations continue to create more convenience and security at home, and if you’re looking for an amenity that provides peace of mind, a home intercom system may be the perfect addition to your property. Modern intercoms do far more … Read More

Home Security
How a Security System Helps You Sleep Better

Security Sytems provide homeowners with peace of mind that their property is protected—no matter what. While setting the alarm when you are at work or traveling can prevent theft and other trouble, using your security setup while you sleep can … Read More

camera placement
3 Places to Put Security Cameras in Your Home

In 2016, there were approximately 614 illegal entries per 100,000 inhabitants in Georgia, making it the 11th most burglarized state in the U.S. Advances in video surveillance technology have made security cameras more effective and accessible than ever before. The … Read More

Children and Security Systems
How to Teach Your Kids About Your Security System

If you have a residential security system, or you’re planning to install one, it is important that your children understand its basic purpose and functions. After all, emergency preparedness is one of the best skills you can teach your kids—it … Read More

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