How Often Should I Have My Security System Checked?

Toccoa, Stephens

How Often Should I Have My Security System Checked?, Toccoa, Georgia

Regardless of where you live, a house is a place where you should feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe. Safety is even more important when you have a family to protect, which is why you might have a security system in place. However, just like the plumbing or electrical system of your home, it requires routine maintenance to continue working at its best. Below is everything a homeowner or business owner should know about how frequently to schedule maintenance for a security system.

When Should My Security System Be Checked?

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A professional security firm should test your security system on a monthly basis, and that includes testing the smoke detectors, fire alarm, and burglar alarm. Batteries, including those for cameras, should be replaced every few years. The system should also be checked after any work is performed on your house, such as plumbing or electrical work. Renovations or other changes to the house also warrant a test since a part of the system could have become damaged or disconnected during the work. Additionally, if you have an issue with telephone or Wi-Fi services, you should check your system since many are connected to the internet.

How Should the System Be Tested?

Because a security system is integral to your safety, it’s important to have a professional perform the test. The inspection may include looking at the camera views and repositioning them to provide clearer angles. The lenses should also be cleaned every few months, particularly exterior cameras that could become dirty from the elements. In addition, motion sensors that are connected to a burglar alarm should turn on when there’s movement. A professional should also inspect wires for damage and test the batteries on sensor components, such as smoke detectors, to ensure the signal strength is strong.

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