3 Holiday Security Tips to Protect Your Business

3 Holiday Security Tips to Protect Your Business, Toccoa, Georgia

Closing shop to relax and spend time with friends and family is a regular holiday tradition for business owners. It’s also a popular time for burglars, which is why it’s important to take proper security measures to keep your property safe. There are many ways to boost your business’ protection, both through new installations and best practices. Stick with those below so you know your building is protected.

Ways to Protect Your Business During the Holidays

1. Keep Exterior Lights On

Burglars hunt for dark alleyways and alternate entrances off the street where they can break in unseen. To deter them, keep your exterior lights on. In many cases, they won’t bother with the property even if they know you’re gone because they’ll risk being seen. Focus on doors and windows shielded from the street, as these are easy entry points. To keep electric bills down, invest in motion-activated lighting or connect your system to a timer. To create the illusion that you’re in the office, you can couple this with timed interior lights.

2. Deter Prying Eyes

Before breaking in, burglars will want to peek into your business to make sure there are things worth stealing. Prevent this by keeping your blinds closed, especially in areas where expensive equipment is visible. If you have open storefronts, move electronics, high-end appliances, and other inventory that may catch burglars’ attention to a concealed location within the shop.

3. Upgrade Your Security System


For total peace of mind, upgrade your existing security system. There are plenty of cutting-edge products to explore ranging from video security systems to keypads and reinforced door and window locks. For the best results, work with a security supplier so they can identify weak spots in your system and suggest solutions to improve it.

If you’re interested in installing a network of security cameras around your business, get in touch with Absolute Security of Toccoa, GA. They are proud to offer enterprises throughout Northeast Georgia and Western South Carolina top-of-the-line security systems, including LCD keypads, glass-break detectors, and high-quality cameras. To learn more about how they can safeguard your enterprise, visit the website or call (706) 886-9754.

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