4 Features of a High-Quality Security Camera

4 Features of a High-Quality Security Camera, Toccoa, Georgia

The threat of burglary is an unfortunate reality, so protecting your property and family is a responsibility you should take seriously as a homeowner. Many components can go into a home security system, but perhaps one of the most important and useful is a security camera system. These devices have many features that make them a must when thinking of how best to keep your home safe.

What Makes a Good Security Camera?

1. Weather Resistance

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External cameras wouldn’t be of much use if they shorted out the second a raindrop touched them. Thankfully, a modern security camera will be weather-resistant, ensuring it will keep recording even in considerably inclement conditions.

2. Remote Feed Access

With the broad array of modern technology available today, the need to sit down in front of a tiny monitor to access your security camera’s recording is long gone. IP cameras connect to your home’s network, making it possible to access the feed from a number of devices including your smartphone. These cameras can be more expensive than close-circuit models, but the convenience is well worth the price.

3. Motion Detectors

Although a home security system will ring the alarm when triggered, it’s always helpful to have an extra safety buffer. A security camera with a motion detector can alert you if someone is sneaking around your home, allowing you to check the feed to keep an eye on the situation. This feature is even more useful when combined with the IP camera’s connectivity. No matter where you are, you’ll have instant access to your home’s cameras when notified of a potential intruder.

4. Night Vision & High Resolution

If a prowler is lurking around your home at night, a regular camera won’t be of much use. When a security camera is equipped with night vision, however, you’ll be able to easily keep tabs on any possible threats. Even better, cameras have come a long way from the grainy, black-and-white picture quality of yesteryear. Now, security cameras can provide much higher definition images in full color and even capture sound as well.

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