3 Ways to Protect Your Home From a Burglary While on Vacation

3 Ways to Protect Your Home From a Burglary While on Vacation, Toccoa, Georgia

Taking a vacation can be a wonderful way to blow off stress and spend some quality time with your family. However, before you can head off to paradise, there is a lot you must do around your home, including making it burglar-proof. Aside from making sure your residential security system is turned on and set, the following tips will help to protect your home while you’re away.

3 Ways to Prevent a Burglary While on Vacation

1. Plan for Someone to Stop By

Before leaving, enlist either a family member, neighbor, or good friend to drop by your home a few times while you’re gone. They should perform a few tasks—such as bringing in the mail, taking out the trash, and moving your car—to make the place look like someone is still home. Just remind them to reset the security system after they leave.

2. Check All Doors & Windows

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In most instances, you probably only think to lock the door when leaving your house, but as you’ll be gone for a while, take extra care to physically check every door and window leading into your home. This should include all of those on the first floor, any doors leading into your garage, basement windows, and any balcony entrances. Also, make sure that your security system is set to go off if any of these entry points is tampered with.  

3. Don’t Announce Travel Plans

As tempting as it might be to tell your friends and family about your travel plans on social media, don’t do it. This, along with live updates, notifies everyone you know—and many people that you don’t—that your home is empty. The best thing you can do is hold off until you’re back home to add photos of your trip.

The best way you can protect your home from being burglarized is to install and use a security system. At Absolute Security in Toccoa, GA, they provide professionally designed systems capable of catering to your particular safety needs. They also offer 24-hour UL-approved monitoring so that someone is always keeping a protective eye on your home. To schedule a consultation with them today, call (706) 886-9754, and learn more about their services by visiting their website.

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