3 Places to Put Security Cameras in Your Home

3 Places to Put Security Cameras in Your Home, Toccoa, Georgia

In 2016, there were approximately 614 illegal entries per 100,000 inhabitants in Georgia, making it the 11th most burglarized state in the U.S. Advances in video surveillance technology have made security cameras more effective and accessible than ever before. The residential security professionals at Absolute Security in Toccoa, GA, recommend installing devices in these strategic places around your home to optimize safety and give you peace of mind.

3 Smart Places to Install Security Cameras in Your Home

1. Entryways 

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Every home should have a security camera installed in its entryway since an estimated 34% of burglars enter your home through the front door. Protect your device from damage by installing it on the second floor of your home or using a mesh wiring to prevent tampering.

2. Basement Stairs

Basements are often not as secure as the rest of your home, and old or faulty latches leave more opportunity for thieves to sneak inside. Install a security camera on the stairs leading into your basement to get the best view. Consider adding motion sensor and night vision features to make your security system more sensitive and give you a clearer picture of a possible perpetrator.

3. Off-Street Windows

More tactful burglars may try to enter your home by breaking in through a side window. Entering out of view from the main road reduces their chances of being seen by neighbors or street cameras. A wireless security camera with remote control capabilities works well for these spaces and gives you a wide-scope view of those hard-to-see areas.

Keep your home protected with help from Absolute Security. They have spent the past 35 years helping area residents and businesses with innovative security solutions that maximize safety customized to your property’s needs. Whether you need motion or temperature sensors, 24-hour monitoring, or security cameras, they work tirelessly to protect your home from burglary, fires, flooding, and other dangers and damages. Learn more about their available products and services online or call (706) 886-9754 to find out how you can make your property safer today.

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