Absolute Security Burglary Systems
The necessity for a security system has become an ever growing need. Absolute Security is here to help with professionally designed systems that are customized for your specific protection needs. Our systems are user friendly with an integrated stay and away mode including optional wireless arm/disarm buttons. Our versatile pet-immune motion detectors are designed to overlook your pet; but NOT a burglar. Absolute Security's design team understands the security needs of everyone are different. Therefore, engineering systems specific to a building and lifestyle leaving you with a feeling of absolute protection from theft, vandalism, burglary, and fire.

You work too hard for your money to become a victim of theft or have your property vandalized. Absolute Security offers 24 hour UL approved monitoring allowing you to protect your property against theft and vandalism. We have been in business since 1982. We maintain a low-voltage license in the State of Georgia. An Absolute Security system will reduce the cost of your insurance premiums. Absolute Security for the absolute best protection.

Below is a list of the products used in installing Absolute Security burglary systems.

LCD Keypad

Our user-friendly keypads make syste operation easy! Features include LCD display, back-lit keys, and one-touch panic buttons.

High Output Siren

This siren is an intruders worst enemy, sounding off with an 115 db tone. Also sounds in the event of a fire.

Indoor Siren

At 106db, our indoor siren quickly alerts homeowners to intruders or fire emergencies.
This siren is commonly placed in area where the outdoor siren may not be heard,
such as hallways and basements.

Motion Detector

Strategic placement of motion detector scan protect large areas
such as great rooms or hallways, restricting movement in these areas.

360 Degree Motion Sensor

This motion detector can easily cover an entire room. It utilizes a "pyramid"
of infrared beams that gradually becomes wider from ceiling to floor.

Heat Detector

Heat detectors are used for fire protection in areas too harsh for smoke detectors,
where dust or debris may cause clogging of the smoke detector screen.
Warehouses, garages, and attics are ideal areas to install heat detectors.

Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors quicky alert the home owner to smoke in any given are where the smoke detectors are mounted. Giving time to evacuate the home, building, or warehouse.

Glassbreak Detector

Glassbreak detectors can protect areas where simply breaking out glass in windows can provide easy access to your home or business. With a range of up to 24 feet, 1 glassbreak detector can easily monitor all the glass in a single room.

Back-up Cellular Unit

Our back up cellular unit allows the alarm control panel to communicate with the
monitoring station when the land line phones are down. Due to power outages,
extreme weather conditions or if the land lines have been cut.

Cellular Antenna Extension

Improves reception in our digital 1500 back-up cellular unit in areas where cellular reception may be weak.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide is known as the "silent killer" - help protect your family
from this colorless, odorless gas by installing carbon monoxide detectors.

Overhead Door Sensors

This high impact sensor can be used residentially on garage doors
and also has industrial value when used on high traffic steel doors.

Heavy Duty Door Cord

Used primarily on overhead or garage doors, this door cord has a "quick connect" feature that allows for fast, easy opening and closing of doors.

Surface Mount Wide Gap Sensor

This sensor can be seen on many convenience store doors with a 2 inch break gap.
It is often used on high traffic man doors that do not close tightly or doors that may still move slightly, even when locked.

Window Screen

Our window screen are the ultimate in perimeter protection, actually alerting homeowners to trouble before access is gained into the home! The window screen offers two way protection: activating the alarm system if the screen is removed or if the screen is cut by an intruder.

12 V, 5 AH Back Up Battery

12 V, 7 AH Back Up Battery

Keeping your security system fully operational during power outages with our rechargable back-up batteries.

Outdoor Armored Cable

Protect your RV, boat, ATV, or virtually any outdoor item
from theft with our heavy duty armored cable.

DSL Filter

Allows alarm control panel to maintain true dial tone, eliminatng DSL "noise" that can cause communication failure with the monitoring station.

4286 Phone Module

With the newly enhanced VISTA Interactive Phone Module (VIP) you can perform all the functions of a wall mounted keypad using any ordinary touchtone phone, from your home or any remote location. You can check security system status, arm or disarm the system -- even operate lights and appliances. The VIP���s high quality voice output, with its large vocabulary, verbally identifies open zones and prompts your customer to take appropriate action.

Water Detector

Designed to allow water or any conductive non-flammable liquid to be detected with low voltage and low current. It can monitor up to two sensor probes simultaneously. Ideal for basements, laundry rooms and kitchen or anywhere flooding is a possibility and early warning is desirable to prevent damage.

Temperature Sensor & Flood Detector

This wireless device that can be configured to operate as either a standalone temperature sensor and/or a remote temperature sensor or flood detector. It is ideally suited for a wide range of applications including bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements.